Monday, May 6, 2013

My mission is slipping through my fingers! 3 weeks!!!!
This week something a little bit more exciting happened. One day, I noticed that the bottom of my foot was hurting a little bit. At the base of my big toe, I noticed a little thing that looked like a wart. I thought, "oh great, wart on my foot." But then I went on with my life. The next day after I got home, I looked at my foot and noticed that it had grown a bit, but it still wasn't that big of a deal. The next day, my foot started hurting..........and the wart looked like a fish eye.....a white bubble with a black point in the middle. It was at this point that I called Sister Wright to ask what I should do. I was sent to the health clinic to get it checked out. Hahahaha this was a super funny experience. I had to give my full name, but no one hear understands my name, Autumn or knows how to say or write it. Hahaha so I ended up waiting in the waiting room forever because no one one wanted or knew how to call out the name of the poor little American girl. Racism. :)
So in case you were all wondering what this thing is called "Bicho do Pé." In english, the translation would be, "Foot Bug." Yeah.....there was this flee type bug that caved into my skin and was living there and laying eggs. You get this foot bug by walking through dirty sand that dogs do their business in. I HATE THE DOGS HEREEEEE!!!!! If I wasn't annoyed by them enough already. Anyway....the nurse used a needle to dig out the bug and all the eggs. So.....I am Bicho-Free. Something like this had to happen! I have been way too healthy on the mission! I needed a cool story like this to bring home from Brazil!
I don't know if you all remember about Nicoly, a girl that Sister Carneiro and I found in Santa Cruz, she was baptized yesterday! It is hard to not be present at the baptism of someone that you found, but I am happy to know that because I followed the spirit, she was baptized! That is all that matters!!
I am excited to talk to the fam on mother's day! It will be more like......."Hi. I will see you in 2 weeks!"
Haley is beautiful! She was absolutely shining in that picture that you sent me, Dad! Thank you!
Love you all! Don't worry! I am taking advantage of every second that I have left of being Sister Barnes!
Sister Barnes Sr.

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