Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes!!! I was transferred! I am now in Osório. Osorio is a city that is close to the beach!!!! There isn't beach in our area, but the weather is super beachy! A ton of sea breeze!
I am training again! I am training the first and only 19 year old sister in Porto Alegre Norte! Her name is Sister Loss and she is from Espírito Santo, a state here in Brasil. Sister Zeller (my comp from the MTC) served in Sister Loss's ward! Small world! I can tell you one thing, these sisters entering the mission field right now are entering super prepared. Sister Loss is amazing!
This area is completely different from Santa Cruz! The people are receptive! I about dropped to the floor dead when people asked ME to visit THEM in their houses. In Santa Cruz it was almost impossible to enter into houses! The field is super white and ready to harvest here in Osorio!!! I am also living with another companionship of sisters again, and we all get along fabulously.
I realized yesterday that my English is amazing. There is a man from my branch that wanted to practice speaking English with me. He asked me how long I have been here on the mission. I replied, "One year and cinco months." You will have to bear with me when I get home. It will be tough, the transition back into English!
Love you all! Being a missionary is sooooo amazing.

Sister Aut Barnes

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