Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday was fabulous. For one thing.....none of my investigators went to church ( this part wasn't so cool) for another thing we had lunch (a delicious lasagna) at the coolest members' house. Then a little bit later.........I called home!

I am feeling super uninspired today, so bear with me.

Things are going well with Sister Loss. I am loving her. She is super hilarious. I am also living with 2 other sisters, Sister Bradley and Sister Costa.......and we have become super good friends. The other day, a member surprised us with 4 xis (a southern brazil version of a cheeseburger), so we had a little party on our balcony. We ate our xis, drank chimarrão, and laughed a bunch. This member was super inspired because that particular day was super hard for the 4 of us.

Speaking of this member, her name is Irmã Etsuko. She was born in Japan, but moved to Brazil when she was 6 years old. She is the most humble, pure, charitable person I have ever met in my life. She helps us with anything and everything that we need. This woman will be exalted!! She and her husband are planning to throw me going away party.

This week was a little hard, but it is in these moments that the Lord stretches us! It is hard to explain how I am feeling all possible feelings right now as I am finishing up my mission......sad, excited, overwhelmed, scared, anxious!!! It is definitely a mixture of about a million feelings!!

Love you all! The next email will be more inspiring!!

Sister Autumn Barnes

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