Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am super offended. It is my half birthday and no one gave me good wishes. April Fool's Day! Ha but seriously...it really is my half birthday...................
I am super grateful for my companion. Sister Carneiro is amazing. Besides being super hilarious, she is a power house! She is a testimony to me everyday that there are prepared and elect people out there just waiting to be presented with the truth. She was baptized about 4 years ago. She has always loved reading and always asked for any kind of free book that was offered on the internet. She doesn't even know how she ended up on this site, but she requested the booklet "40 Ways to Make Your Family Happier" or whatever it is called. A couple weeks later, Elders knocked on her door. She was Catholic, but also visited other churches trying to find a doctrine that actually made sense to her. She said that the first time she heard about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon, everything finally made sense. She bears powerful testimony because she can really relate to our investigators.
This week we taught Angelica, a nine year old daughter of a member. She absolutely loves us and will be baptized on April 13. She is super smart and loves to learn. She even wanted to take notes during our lesson! Haha but She really is a slave driver as far as my accent goes. After teaching her, I will be talking like a real life Brazilian!
Can't wait for General Conference this week! Next General Conference I am determined to be there at the Conference Center to watch! I love you all and thank you for the prayers! I feel them strengthening me everyday!
Sister Autumn Rae Barnes

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