Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life long dream lived this week.
We, the two branches here in Santa Cruz do Sul, had a little church expo right in front of the Great and Spacious Building. That is right. That huge Catholic Church. Don't. worry. Don't worry about it. We had permission from the city. Was it a success? I tried to make contact with a ton of people that continued walking without saying one word to me. I talked to people that said there is nothing good about the United States. Excuse me, but what does the church have to do with the United States? I tried talked to many people that were in too much of a hurry to make time for God. I talked to a few people that acted a little interested. One in particular that was super interested in the Book of Mormon. Every single day that passes I become more and more convinced of the power of that sacred book. Anyway, this expo was super fun.....especially because of where we were doing it.
I didn't mention last week, but Sister Carneiro and I are opening this area. Because there are more sisters arriving in the mission, they split a few areas. I am living with two other sisters that work in the other half of the city. Talk about exciting......training while opening an area. Bring it!!!!
This Sunday, a member of the branch brought his daughter to church for the first time. She loved it and wants to be baptized. Her name is Angelica and she is nine years old. Haha super funny. When I met her, the first thing she said to me is that I talk funny. I love the sincerity of children.
I love Easter. Why? Because I love the Lord. Just think about how human we all are. We make stupid, petty little mistakes every day. We make huge mistakes every once in awhile. There is no way that we would be able to enter into the presence of our Supreme and Majestous Heavenly Father without the intervention of someone or something. Who and what is that someone and something? Jesus Christ and His infinite and atoning sacrifice. Without Jesus Christ, this life would be meaningless. Without Jesus Christ there would be no hope. I could go on forever saying "Without Jesus Christ......" but I prefer to think about the other side of things. With Jesus Christ we have EVERYTHING. I love Him. I know that he fulfilled all that the Heavenly Father required of Him. He lived, served, loved, atoned, died, and rose again. He lives.
Sister Autumn Barnes
Minha companheira! Sister Carneiro!
A member wearing the traditional clothing of the Rio Grande do Sul. Also, that beautiful street that I told you about!
3. Missionaries of the true church in front of the city's insane cathedral!

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