Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obama. Odear. Yeah....this seems to be the thing that everyone loves to mention to me nowadays. Like the First President counseled, I will pray for our new president.

So just an update about Savio (that boy that we met a couple weeks ago). Well......he has soccer championships EVERY SUNDAY MORNING. I will let you guess where he decides to spend his time Sunday mornings. That is missionary work for you.  However, if it is not his time now......we are planting seeds and have introduced him to the truth. I am still praying that he will make the sacrifices necessary to find true happiness in his life. 

Transfers. I will be staying here in Fernandes with Sister Matiaco. I am content with that. I feel like I still have more to do here. 

We went to the Temple last Tuesday. It was AMAZING!!! After 6 months of not going to the temple.....I was soaking up my time there! I didn't want to leave that peaceful, holy place! However, I definitely learned a lot and received a ton of strength to carry on! I know that the temple is a peace of heaven on earth! 

Ummm....I can't think of anything to terribly exciting that happened this week to tell you the truth. The Primary had its primary program and yours truly participated. We taught and sang with the Primary "Keep the Commandments." 

Sister Matiaco and I will teach an English class this transfer. It is funny how so many people don't want to hear about the gospel but are fascinated by the fact that we are Americans.....so we will use this in our favor and teach English in the church! 

Well that is about it for today, folks. Don't you worry....my hair is getting burned to a crisp in the sun, the tan lines on my feet from my sandals are totally hott, my apartment is infested with ants, I am about ready to throw my clothes and skirts that I have worn about a million times out the window........but it's all good because I AM ONE OF THE LORD'S MISSIONARIES!!! 
Fiquem firmes! Amo voces!
Sister Autumn Barnes

The temple! The gardens are gorgeous!
At the temple with Sister Matiaco! 
A little unreverent and perhaps a little disrespectful......but everyone was doing it? Part of my zone.
The sisters in my zone on a crowded bus after the temple! It was hottttt in there. 
Yeah.....I was really tired that day....... (Taking a picture of me sleeping is something that dad would do!)
With a young man in the ward. His name is Danilo. He is super cool! This is our version of an appropriate hug!

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