Monday, October 15, 2012

I just got the news that Grandma Lever passed away. When I left on the mission, I was I knew that I would probably never see her again, but I had that hope that because of that surgery, she would stick around for a little while longer. After the surgery, I knew this wouldn't be the case. I can't picture my life without grandma.....without going to her house for family parties and for holidays. I can't picture not receiving a bag of popcorn and five dollars from her at Christmas. I always pictured her present at my wedding. I will always remember when I sat with her in the Celestial Room of the Temple after going through for the first time and hearing her bear her testimony in that holy place. However, I remember how much she missed Grandpa and longed to be reunited with him. She lived a long and GOOD life. I swear there was not a bad cell in her body. I will forever be indebted to my grandma and for her testimony.....her insistance to be sealed in the temple. The righteous way she raised my mom who in turn raised me in righteousness. I am so grateful for the legacy that she has left. I love her so much and know that I will be reunited with her one day as well! I am really heartbroken that I won't be able to attend the temple, but it brings me peace to know that I am sharing the knowledge of a forever family with all these people here that don't have a knowledge. Mom, I love you as well and pray that you are at peace. Let me know how the funeral goes. Please send all of my love. I love you, Grandma Lever.

Sister Autumn Rae Barnes

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