Monday, October 15, 2012

Holy Cow!!!!!!
Sounds like the whole world is leaving on a mission! I bet it is a big deal right now. Poor Single's Ward Bishops!!!! However, I am super excited! The missions are going to start booming! I'm sure I'll still be around to see my mission start growing in these coming months! We need it!

A lot of really cool things happened this week. We had a zone conference on Friday (I was expecting to get a couple of packages that I know are coming for me, but the Elders didn't bring packages, just letters!! I was ticked! But also excited to get letters!) The Zone Conference really pepped me up, and I left feeling ready to scream the gospel from the rooftops! 

This is what followed: Sister Matiaco and I stopped to talk to a guy sitting at a bus stop. He couldn't talk nor hear. He was deaf. So we started talking to him by writing everything down. He would respond by texting on his phone. His name is Anderson and he is in the Air Force. We wrote a little bit about how God is aware of him and his trials and that one day the Lord will restore his hearing in the Resurrection. He made a gesture to signify prayer, pointed to the heavens, and then pointed to us. I am not exactly sure what he meant to say, but I took it as we were an answer to his prayers. He doesn't live in our area, so we took down his address and passed it to the Elders. I am interested to see what happens!

We also found an elect family. We were a little lost, searching for a road. A man called to us and asked if he could help us find the road we were looking for. He helped us out, and we introduced ourselves. We made a return appointment. We then went in search of the road, but decided to stop at a member's that was on the way. After a bit, we left the member's home and went in search of the road again when I heard someone call out, "Barneys" (my name here in Brazil. I can't even count how many people have teased me about a purple dinosaur. No one here understands that "Barneys" isn't how you actually pronounce my name). Anyway, Jeferson (the man from before) had been running and saw us walking. He thought that we hadn't found the road yet....that we had been wandering. He invited us to his house in that moment to meet his wife and two adorable daughters. They are amazing! The most beautiful family I have seen here in Brazil! They didn't really agree all the way with the Restoration, but they are reading the Book of Mormon and I am praying that they will be touched by the Lord. I can picture this family in white!

We also met a woman named Francisca. To make a long story short, she cried in our second lesson because she said that when we leave she will miss us and the feeling of peace that she always feels when we are around. We explained to her that she too could have this spirit of peace with her at all times by entering into the waters of baptism. She accepted right off the bat. However, she is not married and has a couple problems, so we will have to work through that, but I really feel like the Lord is preparing her. 

It is not too hot yet! I thank the Lord everyday that it isn't already burning hot!....I am not ready for that again! Now that it is getting cold back home, send some of that this way! Please and thank you. 

I am also reading the Book, Jesus the Christ, and I am learning so much! The more conhecimento that I gain in regards to the Savior, the more I am amazed by the sacrifice that he made. I love Him so much! 

Like I said in the last email, I am learning a lot from Sister Matiaco. We have been having the most meaningful companionship studies. I thirst for this everyday! I am so grateful that the Lord has given me this year and a half to learn A BUNCH about the gospel. 

A ton of Brazilians wear white socks with their dark suits. This has to stop. 

Love you all!
Sister Autumn Barnes

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