Monday, October 29, 2012

Bom dia pessoal!
Dad, now is the season for me to become a (what did you call me exactly? a sweaty lobster?) Yes. From here on out, I will look like a sweaty lobster in all of the pictures I send home. Just my little disclaimer/warning. It is getting HOTT and HUUUUUMID. 

This week we were walking on the street (newsflash) and I decided to stop and talk to a teenager that was sitting on the sidewalk in front of his house. His name is Savio. We taught him the Restauration, and I invited him to be baptized right on the spot. He accepted. I also asked him if he liked to play soccer, because they young men in our ward get together every Friday night to play at the church. His face lit up and he began to rant about how much he loves soccer and how much he would love to play there at the church. We planned to pick him up on Friday and take him to the church to play. Friday comes around and we return to his house. We meet a few of Savio's little sisters. THE CUTEST LITTLE BRAZILIAN PRINCESSES!!! They were obsessed with us. They kept trying to hang all over us, give us hugs, and have us talk to them in English. We clap our hands (the Brazilian equivalent of ringing the doorbell) and his dad comes to the gate. This part is really cool. A week or so earlier, Sister Matiaco had the impression to stop and talk to a man on the street. He didn't have time to talk to us, but gave us his name and address. We hadn't found the time to go and find his house.............but turns out, we didn't have to go searching for it. This man was Savio's dad, and we recognized him instantly. Without a doubt, the Lord led us to this family. I was prompted to talk to Savio, and Sister Matiaco was prompted to talk to his father a few days earlier. Talking to them, we found out that the dad follows the Muslim religion (first time I have come across that here!!!) and that his wife died a little bit over a year and a half ago giving birth to a child. When he told me that, the biggest wave of love and compassion came over me. This man......alone.....raising 5 children. One of his little daughters said, "I miss my mom so much." The gratitude I felt in that moment for my understanding of the Plan of I simply said, "Did you know you will be able to live with your mom again?" This little girl looked at me with new hope in her eyes and said, "No." We were able to testify and teach a little about the Plan of Salvation. How blessed we are to already know these things! It was a really special experience. After this, we took Savio to the church to play. I was really nervous that he would feel super out of place, that he would be shy as we entered the church and walked toward the young men.......but right then I heard a young man yell, "Savio? Nao acredito! Sisters nao acredito que voces levaram Savio para a igreja!" This young man already knew Savio and couldn't believe that we had found him and brought him to the church. Perfect! He already has friend at church!

I taught a lesson in ENGLISH this week! We met a 19 year old boy that speaks english fluently! He wanted us to teach in English. Although I love Portuguese, it was SO NICE to teach and testify in my own language! 

We had a conference with just the Sisters in the mission. It was great! Lunch, talking with all of the Sisters and Sister Wright, and trainings. It was awesome! We also heard that by next year, Sister Missionaries will make up about 1/3 of our mission!!!!! GIRL POWERRRR!

Did you all know that Joseph Smith was born in Germany and later ran away to the States to found his own church? Yeah.......this lady swore by her life that Joseph Smith was born in Germany. I told her that we was born in Vermont (minor detail). What I really focused on was explaining to her that he didn't found his own church, but simply restored the church that  Jesus Christ has established and that was later lost. She didn't want to hear anything about the Restoration, she just wanted to make sure that I had my facts right....that Joseph Smith was born in Germany. Did I miss something? hahahahahaha how ridiculous.......

I will take part in the Primary program in a couple weeks! Sister Matiaco and I are teaching the Primary a primary song in English! 

Halloween in a few days!!! The temptation to trade my skirt for a costume is really strong. Dang. Send me candyyyyyyyyy!!
Peace and Blessings! Paz e bencaos! 

Sister Autumn Barnes

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