Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Once mind is blank and I don't know what to say!
We had a really awesome lesson yesterday. It is obvious that Sister Ferinho and I can't talk to EVERYBODY that lives here in Montenegro. We can't knock EVERY DOOR. There are only 2 of us here. So this week, instead of just praying that we would be able to find people searching for the truth, we also prayed that people searching for the truth would be able to find us as well. Sunday......a couple shows up at church. A really, really nice couple. The ward here is so amazing. They were so warm and welcoming to this couple! Sister Ferinho and I  taught them last night with a couple of members. They are seriously the nicest people I have ever met. The first words the husband said last night....."We were really well received at church on Sunday. I felt really good there. We want to know how we can continue, how we can help, and how we can continue with this church." My mouth dropped to the floor. So we explained to them that our purpose in meeting with them is to help them to come unto Christ. That we will teach them what they need to know in preparation to become members of the church through the sacred ordinance of baptism. Hahaha they are also legally married....which is a miracle!!! They have been "married" for 5 years, but were legally married in February. Guess where? The strip in Las Vegas hahaha! My goal is to help them in their preparation to be sealed in a place just a tad bit more holy......The TEMPLE! 

This week our new president, President Wright, will arrive! Sunday! It should be interesting. I will miss President and Sister Pavan, but am excited to meet the Wrights as well. We will have a conference with President Wright this next Tuesday, so my P-Day will be on Monday!

Oh....I am dying! No one has come or gone from the mission office since I arrived here in Montenegro, so I haven't received any letters in forever. So forgive me if I have not responded to any letters that have been sent in the last month or so. I will hopefully receive letters this Tuesday!! 

Sister Castro, another Sister that I live with, said that I was teaching a lesson in my sleep last night. I am sure my Portuguese when I am half asleep is bad.......but she said she understood me! 

Sorry this email is lame, don't have much time....... but I hope you all know how much I love you and love this work! 

Sister Autumn Barnes
A hamburger that Sister Castro made for lunch last P-Day. Ate the whole thing and finished first! Oh baby!
This couch just hangs out on the side of the road. Water break! 
Just walking up a hill in Montenegro!

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