Monday, July 2, 2012

Oi todo mundo!

First off, the weather here is crazy. Remember how I was complaining about how cold it was a couple of weeks ago? It has been hot this week. What the? I am praying that the cold will hold off as long as possible! (Although I am not a huge fan of heat either!)

So President and Sister Pavan have officially been released and are back home now. President and Sister Wright are here! I will get to meet them tomorrow! Tomorrow morning, we will wake up early and catch a bus for Canoas (my last area) where we will have a conference with three other zones. We will meet President and Sister Wright, be interviewed, and receive letters and packages!!! I am looking forward to it! 

So something funny that happened this week. We were at the house of an investigator named Malena. The lesson had gone a little long, but Malena insisted that we eat a little snack with her. We needed to catch the bus to make it home on time, and because we were running a little late, we scarfed down the food and quickly left the house. The second we leave the house, we see our bus leave the bus stop. But we saw another bus (that stops more or less close to our apartment) and figured that that bus would work. It too was leaving the bus stop, but would turn down the street that we were on and stop at another bus stop further down the street. (haha sorry if this isn't making sense. I can't explain it). Well, Sister Ferinho flags the bus down, but the bus can't stop until the bus stop. So we were running behind the bus until it reached the bus stop. Haha shoe flew off while I was running. I had to turn back and put my shoe back on. Then after this mishap, my planner flies out of my backpack. Had to turn around and pick it up. And all of this happened while the whole world was watching (everyone in the bus had their faces pressed up against the windows). How embarrassing! But, we had no other choice! Sister Ferinho and I were laughing so hard!

I have been really stressed as of late, but the work is moving forward! We are teaching some really special people! I pray everyday that I can do my part to invite these people to come unto Christ and that they will do their part to pray and ask God! Once again, sorry for another lame email, but I promise next week will be better! 

Next week we will have transfers, so P-day will be Monday again! 

I love you all! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom here upon the earth!
Sister Autumn Barnes

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