Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Como vocês estão? Estou muito bem! Estou aprendendo cada vez mais! Espero que vocês estejam bem lá nos Estados Unidos! 

Greetings from Montenegro, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil! 
Hmmmm.....it always seems like so much happens during the week but when it comes time to email......my mind goes totally blank. Bear with me! 

This week we met a lady named Malena. Elect! Eleita! She has had some exposure to the church, and has been really impressed with what she has seen. She was asking lots of questions, paying really good attention, showing a lot of interest. We didn't even have to invite her to come to church this Sunday, she already asked what time it starts....etc. She is really searching for the truth right now. It has found her. Now all she has to do is pray to receive a confirmation of the truthfulness of these things. Sometimes I become really disheartened when person after person after person rejects the glorious message that I have to share. But......I truly believe there are people out there that aren't only willing to hear my message.........but waiting, SEARCHING! One person's acceptance of the gospel makes all of the rejections you went through to find this person worth it. 

But speaking of rejection.........ah my heart was broken this week. A couple weeks ago, we met a couple named Marcello and Rosangelo. They were so receptive, so friendly, so so special. This week we went to their house and they told us that they didn't want us to come back. Marcello said that he prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but he still couldn't see how they could be true. He said, "I hope to know one day that these things are true, but for right now. I don't see it." So we did what we could......bore testimony, encouraged them to keep praying and reading the Book of Mormon, and told them that they would always be welcome at church, and if they ever needed anything they could contact us. Marcello said that although they weren't ready to accept our message, they considered us angels for bringing God in general back into their home. Sister Ferinho kept her cool, but I was in tears. They are some of the most special people I have met here.........and this was heartbreaking for me. They have all the tools now, and I honestly believe with all my heart that they will accept the gospel one day! 

Oh.my.gosh. Last week I was offered a modeling position here. This guy (creep creep creep) offered me this modeling job after he found out I was American. What do you all think? Model or missionary? I think I will stick with missionary thank you very much. 

This week hasn't been as cold as last week was! Que bom! The humidity here is crazy when it is cold. I have to hang dry all my clothes and it seriously takes about a week for them to dry. I don't know why I even bother washing them, they don't smell very good after a week of hang drying anyway!

Guess what.....it has pretty much been one year since I received my mission call! One year! Crazy! 

I love this work! Although hard and tiring, it is rewarding and glorious! I feel sustained by the Lord each and every day! 
Amo vocês! Fiquem firme! 

Sister Autumn Barnes

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