Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22 E-mail

Oi Queridos Amigos e Familiares!

This week was great! Want to hear my blonde moment for the week? So a person from Rio de Janeiro is called a Carioca. The word for "bald" in Portuguese is careca. See where I am going with this? Instead of saying that my companion is a Carioca (a Rio de Janeiro native), I said, "My companion is a baldy!" oh. my. shooooootme.

This week I also had two baptisms: Luiza (10 years) and Luiz (9 years). They are the children of a less-active member. They are so so so so special!!!!! Ah....I love them so much. Little Luiza is already a little missionary. Every time she sees me, she yells, "Sister Barnes!," comes running and gives me a huge hug. Let me tell you about their baptism.......only in Brazil. The heater wasn't working, so the water was ice cold. Luiza was the first to be baptized. She was being baptized by a young priest who had never baptized anyone before. So they are standing in this ice cold font, and the boy performing the baptism can't get Luiza's name right. Want to know why? Her full name is Luiza Maria Vitoria Martins Pereira Cordoza. He had to try several times before he got her name right. After he finally got through her name and the prayer.......he didn't immerse her whole body. Take two. After struggling over her name again, he made it through the prayer and fully immersed her. BUT the witnesses informed him that he goofed up a couple of words in the prayer. Take three. By this time, Luiza is crying!!! Poor child! However, third time was a charm! I was standing at the top of the stairs watching, and when it was all over, she ran up the stairs and into my arms.....getting me all wet! After she was dried off and warm, she was so happy and so proud to be baptized! When Luiz entered the font, he yelled, "Ahh! Agua gelada!" Even though his full name is long as well, Luiz Vitor Jarede Martins Pereira Cordoza, he was good to go after the first time. I want more than anything for them to remain strong in the faith. I want them to keep their innocence and pure faith forever. They are really special. True children of God.

For P-day we had a picky-nicky at this really cool park and went to the zoo. The zoo wasn't much but had some really cool ostriches (I thought of Prince of Persia), monkeys, parrots and stuff. Then we went and played on some of the park toys..............and got in trouble. Haha a missionary I may be right now, but a rebel I will always be!

My P-Day will be on Monday next week. This transfer is only 5 weeks long for some reason.

I have some pictures to send! The whole mission with Elder Holland and my zone for Zone Conference. President and Sister Pavan only have one more transfer before President Wright steps up!

I love you all! I know I say this every week, but it is truly an honor to be one of the Lord's missionaries in this fight for righteousness! Now, more than ever, I KNOW this gospel is true!!! I know it, I know it, I know it!

Sister Aut Barnes

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