Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!

I was transferred! Surprise! I have no idea where I will be going or who will be my companion! I am actually a little nervous because 5 sisters will be going home tomorrow. With them leaving, we are SUPER SHORT on senior sister missionaries. So who knows what will happen! Pray for me!

This week was pretty good! I had one of those days this week. One of those days that no one wants to have. I don't know why......but I literally had no desire to do anything but cry. All of our appointments fell through, I was sick of knocking doors and being turned away, I was tired of people saying "Wow, you aren't from around here. I can tell because you don't talk very well", I was homesick, I wanted to kick all of the annoying dogs that kept barking at me. Yeah.....one of those days. I am not saying all these things to complain, but rather to bear my testimony that the Lord will never leave of us comfortless. He will always pick us up when we fall. Later that night, I met one of the investigator's of the other sisters I am living with. His name is Jose. Meeting this man literally changed my day around. He wasn't going to be able to attend Stake Conference on Sunday, so Sister Pereira and Sister Fernandes invited him to the adult session the night before. He brought his 2 little kids with him. You could tell that he tried to dress as nice as possible. You could also tell that he was REALLY nervous. He mentioned how scared he was to come, but he knew that it was something good that he should do. A member of the Seventy, Elder Itenose (pronounced Itchy Nosey......I couldn't help but laugh everytime I heard his name) spoke. Jose really enjoyed it. After the meeting, I found out from Sister Pereira and Sister Fernandes that Jose does drugs. Addicted. Also, that his wife passed away. Ah....my heart swelled in love for this man. This man who has major problems and heartaches in life, but this man who is honestly trying to do the right thing. And you know what?? My desire to work hard, my desire to forget about myself and serve these people came rushing back. I am not here for any personal benefit. I am here for the Lord and for his lost children.

So......I don't know what my next week will be like, but it will be an adventure for sure.....new companion, new area, new Mission President!

I love you all! I pray for everyone back home everyday! Stay safe and stay strong! Don't forget to share the gospel!

Sister Autumn Barnes

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