Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello Friends and Family......

Wanna hear a crazy twist of events???? I told you last week that 5 sisters were leaving for home. Yeah......I am now a senior companion. With only four months in the field. Pray for meeeeeeeeee! I was transferred to a town called Montenegro. This town is a lot smaller than both Novo Hamburgo and Canoas. I am liking the small town feel. This town is a lot safer as well. Haha I will tell you now because I am not there anymore, but Canoas and Novo Hamburgo were pretty dangerous. So my companion is Sister Ferinho. She is from Mozambique. I lived with her in the CTM and we entered the mission field together. Haha I have six months in the mission, and she has four and a half. Talk about feeling a lot of responsibility fall on my shoulders. I am pretty scared to death and feel pretty weighed down. I am looking at this as a learning experience......oh boy is it a learning experience. I have such a desire to be a good missionary, to be a good teacher. However, my teaching is nothing very special because I am so limited with words. Now, more than ever........I am praying for the gift of tongues! Things have been going ok this past week. We didn't achieve some of our goals, didn't teach as much or as well as I would have liked, but our companionship is hanging in there. What scares me more than anything is thinking about the next transfer. Sister Ferinho has been here in Montenegro since she entered the field. She will probably be transferred this upcoming transfer, and I will stay here. And.....will probably receive a companion that has even less time than Sister Ferinho and I have in the field. I am really learning to trust the Lord! He obviously trusts me, because I know he never gives his children challenges that they can't overcome! 

Wow.....I am at a point where I can't think/talk in Portuguese OR English!!!! There is a family in my new ward that lived in Orem for 11 years. The kids were born and lived their first years of life here in Brazil, but because they spent the majority of their growing up years in Utah, they speak better English than Portuguese. I was able to talk (or try to) to them in English the other day. Talk about mixing two languages together! It was kind of a mess! Haha but it was also kind of nice to talk in English as well! I forgot what it felt like to be able to express my every thought and feeling! 

Holy cow......it is starting to get coooooooold. It pains me to think that it is summer back home. When people find out that I am from Utah, they say, "Oh....so you are used to the cold." Hahaha not exactly. Because you see.....back home, houses have heaters. Faucets have hot water. It is not so darn humid. I didn't have to spend all hours of the day walking outside. I might just turn into a popsicle! 

Got to run! I know this gospel is true! I know that the Lord never leaves His Children comfortless! He is always waiting with arms wide open to help and save us! I am so privileged to be able to help others come unto Christ. How great is this work! 
I love you! 

Sister Autumn Barnes

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