Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 3rd E-mail and Pictures

This week was crazy!!!! 
Sister Wegener was really sick for most of the week, so we didn't really get to work that much. But, one of the days she was sick, we had permission to leave Sister Wegener with one of the Sisters in the ward and I went out to teach with Carol Toebe (an 18 year old girl in the ward). Talk about scary!!! I was the Senior Missionary in that case. I was really nervous.....but I was really surprised by how much I could actually do without the constant help of Sister Wegener. The language, the coming along! 

Conference was so great! I was so excited to be able to hear the counsel of the Prophets! We watched it at the chapel. A lot of the other missionaries from Novo Hamburgo came to the chapel to watch it as well, so it was pretty much a party! Just kidding.....we had a couple of investigators come to watch some of the sessions. We watched half of the sessions in Portuguese and half in English. Haha it was good in Portuguese, but I missed hearing the actual voices of our church leaders! Not to mention I didn't understand all of it in Portuguese...the apostles use lots of words that you don't hear everyday! 

About Marco's baptism. I kind of want to cry just thinking about it. But....everything will be ok. Everything was set for his baptism in between conference. His mom, who refused to come beforehand, decided to come. In the hour of the baptism, we found out that something had been wrong with the drain plug, and the font drained. And.......the church ran out of water. I felt so so so awful. The baptism was rescheduled for tomorrow. This is the really, really, really sad part. Marco was hit by a car today. We don't exactly know how he is doing, but we know that he is in the hospital right now. I will be praying REALLY HARD for this boy! 

I know this church is true. While listening to conference, there was no way in the world I could deny it. I know we have a living prophet on the earth today. If we follow him, we will never go astray! Love you all! 

Sister Autumn Barnes
General Conference at the chapel

Eating pizza at a restaurant with Carol Toebe. They eat pizza with a fork and knife here. They make it a lot harder than in needs to be!

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