Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It doesn't feel like I am living in an oven anymore!

Friends and Family,

Sueli was baptized on Saturday! Wow. To be perfectly honest (and I am ashamed to admit this) I wake up some days and think, "Why am I here?" But, when I saw Sueli enter those waters of baptism........there was no question in my mind. I am here to bring others unto Christ. My purpose as a missionary is nowhere near trivial. The message I have has the power to change the lives and ETERNITIES of people here in Brazil. Seeing Sueli make sacred covenants with the Lord made all of the work more than worth it. I know why I am here........and I will work hard during the short time I am here. 

So about the Toebe Family. Irmão Juares is the Ward Mission Leader. He has been a huge blessing. They have opened up their home to us. Three of the kids from the family (Dwayne, Tina, Carol) always take us to lunch on P-days or play volleyball with us at the church. Oh my....I am to the point where I can pretty much understand everything that people say.....except when I am at their house. There are 11 of them.......so naturally, there are always like 5 people talking at the same time. They also use a lot of slang and tell a lot of jokes and stuff. hahaha so it is difficult to understand what is going on half of the time, but it is fun! It is good for me! It is definitely helping me to converse better! 

Being an American definitely has its benefits sometimes here in Brazil. There have been so many times when people haven't been very interested in our message, but after they ask where we are from......they are suddenly interested. Usually not interested in the gospel, but in us rather. However, it gets our foot in the door. Oh boy, does it. The Brazilians down here love to hear about the United States. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked if I live close to Justin Beiber. It is actually quite ridiculous. Haha it is hilarious when Brazilians try to tell me what America is like. "Oh, it is cold all the time there." "People only eat fast food everyday." But anyway, it is a good conversation starter!

It is starting to cool down! I now sleep with a blanket at night! Whoo! Soon I will have to wear sweaters when I go out! Thank heavens! I love Autumn! (ha, get it?) 

I love you all! There is nowhere I would rather be than here. No one I would rather be than a missionary of the Lord! 
I am so excited for General Conference! Go here the voice of the Prophets! We are SO blessed to have a living prophet on the earth!

Sister Autumn Barnes

My district. Goofs!

Sueli's baptism. Bispo baptized her. I know she doesn't look happy, but trust me....she is. 
 Bad quality.....but this is a picture of us at Irmão Liege's birthday party. Lots of food. Yeah.
My planner! Ethan asked if we cover our planners to protect them. Yep. This is how I covered mine! 

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