Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10th E-mail

Friends and Family,

Happy Easter! 
I don't really have much time to write, but I will do my best to fit in as much as I can! 
Easter was really good. We ended up having fast and testimony meeting, and the spirit was really strong! We went to a member's house afterwards, and ate lots of food. Picture the biggest chocolate easter egg you can think of.......yeah, this place is loaded with HUGE chocolate eggs for Easter! Let's just say I ended up eating a ton of chocolate! 

Marco (the boy that got hit by a car) is doing well. He didn't break anything (miracle), he just scraped up his body a lot. We don't know when the baptism will be. We are working out some issues with that. The Lord will make everything right! 

GUESS WHAT!!??? I just got an email from President Pavan......and guess who is coming to visit my mission??? ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND!!!!!! (Ethan, be jealous). April 27! Oh boy.....I am excited! More details to come. 

I love you all! I hope to write more next week! Today was really busy!

This gospel is beyond true! Stay firm in the faith!! 

Sister Autumn Barnes

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