Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yeah.....what? I hit my one year mark this last week. I can't believe that I have been away from home for more than one year. That just blows my mind. In ways it has gone by quickly, in ways it seems like it has been forever. I have a feeling these last 6 months are going to fly. Everyone says that the last 6 months is the time to shine! I intend to treat everyday as if it was my last. I have to take advantage of this sacred, dedicated, mission time that I have left!
I am still amazed that it is snowing at home while it is so hot here. Christmas just doesn't seem like Christmas without snow!!

I don't know what kind of perfume my companion is wearing, but 2 men (strangers) confessed their love for her this week (2 different times). Don't worry.....she didn't do anything to bring it on, the men were totally drunk. I usually try to keep my cool when talking to people, but the things they were saying were so ridiculous that I burst out laughing a couple of times. For all men out there: if you want a girlfriend, don't try a Sister Missionary......and don't try to ask her out while drunk. 

This week an 18 year old boy in my ward lost his mom unexpectedly. He is the only member of the church in his family. He came to church on Sunday and bore his testimony about the Plan of Salvation. Wow.....I was so amazed by the strength and surety that he demonstrated. I too know that this life is a gift from God. We are not here by chance. We have purpose and a mission to fulfill! I have met so many people that don't have goals for their lives. They don't have any hope because they don't have eternal perspective. They think this life is just full of suffering. They think they are nobodies because they don't understand their part in God's plan. I KNOW that there is more to this life than just suffering. Problems and difficulties faz parte de God's plan for us to learn and grow, but we are also on the earth to be happy to have happy families. Sharing this understanding with everywhen and watching the world open up to them is the most satisfying thing ever! I am so grateful for this!

I love you all and pray for your safety and happiness everyday! Don't let a day pass without reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and serving another!

Sister Autumn Barnes

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