Monday, December 24, 2012


This week has been the craziest week of my life. Not to mention the weirdest Christmas I have ever had in my life.

Normally, when you are called to train someone, the mission sends you an email saying that you have been chosen to be a trainer! Yeah....I didn't get that email. So I went with Sister Matiaco to the bus station in Porto Alegre where we do our transfers thinking I was just going to be picking up my companion like normal. Nope. They told me I would be heading to the mission home to pick up my new companion. You know what that new companion is a greenie. Yes.....I am a trainer. Yes.......I was scared out of my mind. All of the trainers had a little training and pep talk from the assistants where they talked about he we pretty much have to be perfect because we are raising the next generation of missionaries in our mission. Yeah, I was feeling the pressure. Still am, but that's how we learn I guess! 

My new companion is Sister Araujo. She is from Rio de Janeiro. She doesn't live right in the city, but lives in a little town just outside of the capital. I knew we would get along just fine when she told me her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. I gasped and told her that I watched that movie almost on a weekly basis with my sister! Training is hard. Sister Araujo is embarrassed to talk. But it has been really good for me as well. You all know me. You know that I expect a lot from myself and oftentimes don't feel like I measure up in anything. Training someone fresh from the MTC, I have been able to see how much progress I have made since I was fresh from the MTC. I have been able to see how much I have grown since then. My confidence has grown a bit, and I can actually think of myself as a good missionary now. The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!!! 

You are not going to believe this. Sister Araujo was bit by a dog her SECOND day in the mission field!!! We entered someone's yard and the dog advanced on us. On me first, but he didn't bite me. Sister Araujo took off running, so the dog bit her in the leg. Second day training and I already had to call President to tell him the my trainee was bit by a dog!!!! 

You are REALLY not going to believe this. The next day, we were talking to a few kids. They were standing in their yard and we were on the other side of this little cement wall. Sister Araujo was leaning against the cement wall, and out of nowhere their dog jumped up and BIT SISTER ARAUJO's ARM!!!! Two dog bites in 2 days. I had to call President again, and he told us to go to the hospital. To make a long story short, the hospital wouldn't even look at her (pray that I never need to go to a hospital here!!!!!!! Not my idea of quality services). To make an even longer story shorter, Sister Araujo was given a blessing and is doing fine! I am an AWESOME TRAINER!!!!! Oh yeah.....totally protect my companion from evil. 

Anyway, things are going well. I am super excited to call home for Christmas! I am so grateful for the Christ child and this beautiful time of the year in which we commemorate his birth! Love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Feliz Natal!!!!

Sister Autumn Barnes

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