Monday, December 31, 2012

Because I spent forever writing an email to congratulate my little sis on receiving her mission call to TEXAS.......I don't have much time to write much in this email!

But, I am super proud of my little sister, Lisa, for her desire to serve the Lord! I know she will be a great missionary and will represent Jesus Christ, the church, and the Barnes Family fabulously!

This week has been kinda hard. Christmas Day, Sister Araujo fell and twisted her ankle. It got super swollen and she couldn't walk on it. The next day, we went to the hospital. She sprained it. The doctor told her that she was supposed to stay off of her ankle for TWO WEEKS, and they would have to put a cast on. We negotiated a little bit and she was able to  put on a boot and a promise to stay off of it for one week. is like the worst thing to stay at home all day on the mission. You can't watch TV, movies, play around on the internet. I asked pretty much all the members to go on splits with me, but everyone is traveling for the New Year, works during the day, or can't be exposed to the sun. Yep........sitting at home is THE WORST on the mission. I couldn't take it the other day, so I made Sister Araujo walked to the town square to make contacts. Her ankle hurt afterward, so we can't really even do that. Ahhhh.....pray for me and my companion! It has been rough!

Other than that, I am great! Learning and growing everyday! I loved being able to talk with the fam on Christmas Day!!!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive, and sarcastic people in my life!

Love you all and Happy New Years! May we all set good goals to live more fully in accordance with God's will for us!

Sister Aut Barnes

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