Monday, September 10, 2012

Family and Friends! 
Rain, rain GO AWAY!!!!
My word, it has been raining so much lately! Yesterday, Sister Marques and I left our apartment to meet with an investigator, Marcus, to take him to church with us. It wasn't raining at the moment, so we didn't think about taking umbrellas. we say in Portuguese, "A gente tomou banho de chuva." We took a shower in the rain. And to top things off.......Marcus didn't come to church because he had visitors. Awesooome! Another common mission saying, "The more you get rained on, the hotter your future husband will be." Oh yeah! 

This Friday we had a Zone Conference in a nearby town, Sao Leopoldo. President and Sister Wright were present, so it was good to talk to them. Sister Wright likes to use me as her translator. She is the cutest lady I have ever met. I love her to pieces. The four of us sisters in our Zone sang a musical number. We sang a Child's Prayer. Sister Young and I started by singing the "Heavenly Father, are you really there?" part in English and Sister Marques and Sister Castro followed by singing the "Pray. He is there" part in Portuguese. Then we sang  the separate parts at the same time, Sister Young and I in English and Sister Castro and Sister Marques in Portuguese. We ended by all singing in Portuguese. (hahaha that probably doesn't make any sense, but yeah).  It turned out awesome, if I do say so myself. Judging by Sister Wright's tears, it seems like she liked it as well! 

My last transfer seemed to drag by, but this transfer is flying by! Sister Marques and I are working a lot! We get home so tired that we plan for the next day, and then fall into bed! It is a satisfying feeling to be so exhausted from walking and talking all day! I often wonder where my strength, energy, and endurance comes from! However, the answer is simple.....from the Lord! The Lord loves his missionaries. He strengthens his missionaries! He sustains His missionaries. I know that he is personally strengthening and sustaining me each and every day. 

This week I received 9 letters and 2 packages! Paradise!!!!!!!! I tried to eat my flamin' hot cheetos slowly to prolongue my joy.........but NO! After months without flamin' hot cheetos, I devoured them! Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive in writing and such! I depend on your counsel and encouragement more than you all know! 

One thing I never understood before the mission.......the importance of home and visiting teaching. As a missionary, I see the duty we have as members of the church to strengthen others! Everyone do your visiting and home teaching! I have truly gained a testimony of its importance! 

I love you all! I love this work! I love the Lord!
Sister Autumn Barnes
Getting my nails done! Brazilians are so picky about nails!
Our quartet! We all live in the same apartment. Sister Young, me, Sister Castro, and my companion Sister Marques
With Sister Wright. Isn't she adorable? BTW.....I feel like a giant in this pic. 

During transfer at the bus station in Porto Alegre. This little girl is a member and wants to be a sister missionary one day! She came up to me and asked for a picture with me. Really, really cute.

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