Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well.....one more transfer under my belt. You know what is crazy? I only have 6 left.......and they go by quickly. After this next transfer, I will be the American sister with the most time in the mission. What???? I just entered the mission field yesterday! I am still a greenie!

So, if my calculations are correct, I think a Sister named Sister J. Fernandes will be my new companion. I don't know yet, but that is my guess. I already know her really well because she was one of the four that I lived with in Canoas. I like her a lot. She has a really big heart and helps me a ton with Portuguese. I will let you know next week if I guessed correctly! Also, Sister Castro (my temp comp and a sister that lives in the same apartment) will train an American sister. She is freaking out. She told me that I will be used a lot. Helping Sister Castro and an American sister communicate should help me with my own Portuguese!

Baptism!!!! So one of the baptisms fell through (it is a long story), but Vanderlei was baptized and confirmed Saturday and Sunday!! He was really excited and super prepared. He is dating a girl from the ward who has two kids. They make a beautiful family. The baptism was beautiful. A ton of members showed up to support and it went off without a hitch. However, during the baptism I couldn't help but think that this was just the beginning. I kept thinking about the temple.......about Vanderlei, his girlfriend, and her two kids being sealed in the temple. I will send a picture of all of them so you can see what I mean. hahahaha I made chocolate chip cookies for the baptism (They don't have chocolate chips here so I had to cut a chocolate bar up in tiny pieces. I don't even like to bake in the first place, so you can imagine how close I came to giving up on baking cookies after all that painstaking labor). But the cookies were a hit! Everyone kept asking what they were and if they could have the recipe! Woohoo! I actually cooked something that turned out well! Milagre! Miracle! 

A couple funny things that happened this week:
Yeah......we saw a teenager ride his bike into a parked car this week. Tried not to laugh.....but it was REALLLLY funny. Sister Castro and I DIEEED! You just had to see it. 
Sister Castro found a white hair in my head! Ahhhh! Na verdade, it was really really blonde. I think. But she swears it was white. Yeah........a mission is stressful. haha but it is so cool as well! 

It is getting really hot already. It is technically still winter. Hasn't even hit spring yet. Summer is going to be really long! I hear that the U.S. is experiencing a huge drought right now. Here as well. Barely even rained at all here this winter. 

I want you all to know that I love the mission. It isn't easy. Everyday is a new challenge. But would I trade this experience for anything? No. With every challenge, I am pushed to new limits. I know that the Lord is backing me up in everything. He didn't call me here to fail, but to succeed. This is His work, His glory and I am honored to be a part of it! 

Sister Autumn Barnes
1. My district
2. Vanderlei, his girlfriend Monica, and her two children, Henrique and Monique
3. This sweet tree that I love! 
4. Sister Castro, Sister Holladay, Vanderlei, and I 
5. Sister Castro with a puppy and me with Chimarrão 

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