Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Febrary 14th E-mail

Dear Family and Friends!

It's me again! I survived another week! Just kidding....I have been enjoying myself. That doesn't mean that my experience hasn't been without a significant amount of stress though. The main source of stress, once again being that of the language. Everyone who knows me, knows that I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. It has been really humbling for me to learn a new language. I can't express every thought and sentiment perfectly and clearly, I can't teach very well because I just stumble over words, I feel like I have lost a bit of my personality because I can't joke, be sarcastic, or talkative with people in this language yet. I am definitely learning patience. Learning a language is a process. Over time, I will begin to feel more comfortable around the people and with myself. I realize that the amount of Portuguese I know, given the time I have been studying it, is a miracle in itself. I just need to realize that I don't have to be fluent right now. However, your prayers would still be greatly appreciated. 

People call my area the hole of the mission. I refuse to think that. Yes, there are days I think that no one will accept the gospel of Jesus Christ here. So many people here are Catholic and they vow they will be till the day they die. Our goal was to have at least two baptisms this month. Coming into the field, I thought, "Two baptisms a month? This is Brasil.....that will be easy!!" Oh boy, have I ever been humbled. We are working so hard with some really great people, but so many of them are not keeping their commitments, are not coming to church. However, I am trying to keep the faith that the people we are teaching will have a change of heart. I wish I could communicate with these people better just how much this gospel will change their lives....will be their whole life. This gospel is not just my religion, it is my life....my way of life. It influences everything I do. I pray everyday that I will be able to communicate my testimony to these great people. 

More about Brazil:
I have been eating a lot of beans and rice!!!!! Before the mission, I never really cared for beans.....but now I don't really see what I thought was so bad about them. They also eat a ton of tomatoes, and strangely enough, stroganoff. 

I have given up trying to look super good everyday. I get so sweaty and stinky anyway. 

My city doesn't have a ton of European influence as far as architecture and stuff goes, but there are a lot of Germans that live around here. Everyone asks me if I speak German. 

I love you all! I am doing great! This church is true! I rediscover that more and more everyday as I apply it and learn more about it. The Lord loves us and has a plan for each one of us!

Churrasco. Mmmmm. Yeah, people have to pay like 25 bucks for this in The States. I got it for free at a member's house. Oh. Yeah. 

Sister Compton and I at the CTM.

Sister Compton, Me, and Sister Felber at the São Paulo Temple. I know it looks fake because it is so darn beautiful....but it's not. It's the real deal. 

In the CTM wearing my new Grêmio jersey. Grêmio is a futebol team of Porto Alegre.

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