Monday, April 15, 2013


Wow.....I was under the impression that I would get home June 5! I got onto email today and found my "email trunky" (as everyone likes to call the travel itinerary here) in my inbox! I was super surprised to see that I will be going home a week earlier than I thought! Dia 29 de Maio e eu vou estar em casa! Tão logo!! Não acredito! 
This week was good. Hard, but good. It is such a blessing to have such a funny, positive companion because as hard as the week is still full of tons of laughs. Sister Carneiro has been such a strength. It was hard because we hardly taught at all this week. No one let us teach. We have been talking to everyone, knocking doors, trying to get the members to work with us......gah! 

But....the FEW people that we found this week are super special. We met a man named Valério. We saw him out on the lawn and stopped to talk to him. He let us in and we were able to talk with him a bit. We discovered that he separated from his wife a month ago. He has been suffering a lot because he knows that his wife left because he is an alcoholic. He started crying during our lesson and accepted to leave alcohol and be baptized. I am praying that all will go well! 

This week Sister Wright proscelyted with us. It was so cute to see Sister Wright with a backpack using the little portuguese she knows to talk to the people. She is soooo amazing. It was definitely a privilege to be able to work with her. She said she wanted to work with me for a day before I go home. 

I was talking with Sister Carneiro the other day how it is hard to be hated at times. It is definitely very hard to see people do everything they can just to avoid you. (The other day we almost saw someone get hit by a car because she tried to cross the street super quickly after seeing us walking in her direction!!!!!) It is hard to have people be super rude to you.....especially because I just want to bless their lives with the gospel! I don't feel like I deserve that treatment! But I have learned one thing through all of this treatment......that all of the no's in the world, the dirty looks, the laughs, the rude comments will never take my testimony from me. If I didn't have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, I would have quit a long time ago. I am so grateful for the capacity that we have to exercise faith! I am so grateful for opportunities to test my faith!!!!!! 

I love you all!!!!! Até semana que vem!
Sister Autumn Barnes

Sister Carneiro and I at the mission home!
The four of us that live in our apartment!

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