Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

It is P-Day, my birthday, Day before transfers, and a rainy day. 
So here is the big news.....I have been transferred! After 4 months here in Montenegro, it will be good to have a change. However, with transfers always comes the nervousness as well. I don't know what the next transfer holds in store! I am holding out for the areas, Canela (like the Park City of the Rio Grande do Sul) and Elizabete (which is actually in the city of Porto Alegre, close to the temple). We will see! I will for sure let you know where I am when I find out! Pray for me!

My companion, Sister Marques, was really bummed when she found out that she would be staying here. She doesn't like Montenegro or many of the members. I have to admit that this was a really hard area, but I survived and came out of it an even better missionary than I was before. I know that President Wright is an inspired man. I know he has authority to lead this mission. He told Sister Marques that he knew that she didn't want to stay. He said that he knew that she hates Montenegro. But he also said that there is someone here in Montenegro that only she will find. She has to stay here right now because there is a soul (or many) that are waiting specifically for her. She cried when she found out that she has to stay, but after she heard that, she was impressed by the inspiration of President Wright. 

This week, was one of those "I am really grateful that I am serving a mission right now. I guess I am actually making a difference here" weeks. Yesterday, an investigator named Maria came to church. She lost her husband a few months ago and has been feeling really empty. She LOVED church and was made right at home by all of the members. She told me and Sister Marques that she has felt so much happier since the day that we knocked on her door. She said that we have beautiful spirits and that she can tangibly feel the spirit when we talk about the gospel. I really feel like she will make it into the waters of baptism.....I won't be here for it, but I thank the Lord for the chance that I have to bring a special message of happiness to people that are suffering. 

This week is a week of anniversaries. Yesterday was my 10 month mark on the mission, today is my birthday, yesterday was 4 months in Montenegro, and Thursday will be 9 months since the last time I stepped on U.S. soil. Time is time. It keeps on moving!  

I don't know what I will do for my birthday today. Pack my bags and maybe eat something cool! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Love you all!

Sister Autumn Barnes

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