Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sister Barnes here!

How is everyone doing?! 

This week has been very trying, but good. It has been interesting with my new companion, but the work must move forward! My companion has to go to Porto Alegre today for a doctor's appointment. We have to take the bus until the bus station in Porto Alegre and then from there we have to catch a taxi to the doctor's office. Advice from Sister Castro: (a Brazilian sister that lives in the apartment with us) "Make sure that Sister Quiara talks to the taxi driver and not you. If he knows that you are American, he will drive all around town before he drops you off. He will milk this opportunity to get a little more cash." Looks like I will have to remain silent! Dang accent! 

Hmmmm.....what has happened this week? We are cutting a lot of our investigators from our teaching group because they just aren't progressing at all. This week has been full of a lot of searching for new investigators, a lot of First Lessons. Searching for the Lord's elect! I know they are out there! 

Yesterday was my 8th month anniversary on the mission! Crazy. I am nearing the halfway mark. Whoa. Weird. Unbelievable. Strange. Haha you know midlife crisis? I think I am going through the same thing right now here in the mission. The realization: "Hot dang, I only have half of a mission left? What have I done up until this point? I haven't accomplished as much as I wanted to. I have to do everything NOW!!!" Yeah.....that feeling. I think it is good though. This will help me push harder and harder!

This week I spoke a lot of English. It was super weird. A man that served here in the Porto Alegre North Mission 15 years ago, returned to visit with his wife. They were at church on Sunday, and his wife doesn't speak Portuguese. I talked to her in English for awhile. Her husband also left her for a little while to use the bathroom. I was able to translate for her while her husband was gone. What an awesome feeling! Haha also, President Wright called me to set up this doctor's appointment with Sister Quiara, so we were talking in English. After I hung up with him, I started talking to Sister Quiara in English. Blank stare on her face. Haha it is really hard to switch between two different languages sometimes! Messes with your head! 

Well, have to go.....but this Church is true! The Savior lives and this is His work! How can we not carry on in so great a cause?
Love you!

Sister Barnes

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