Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I couldn't be any happier with my new companion. Her name is Sister Machado. (Bryce, Liza, Haley, Sarah......her first name is Veronica. Haha bring back any memories?). She is from Sao Paulo and she is amazing. Amazing. This is her third transfer. If I didn't see her arrive in the mission field with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that she has only been in the field for less than three months. I swear this is her second mission. I think we work really great together. We think on the same page. She is super obedient and works really hard. This may seem like a stupid insignificant detail, hahaha but it is important to me........she likes to walk fast too! Haha walking with someone that just strolls along is one of my pet peeves. But with Sister Machado....whew!! We make good time! Sister Machado has a way with teaching. She knows exactly how to hit peoples' soft spot. Also the way she talks--the words and examples she uses to describe things.....perfect. I am learning SOOOO much from her. Also, the way she speaks Portuguese. Ah....it is beautiful. 

The work is moving along here! We have run into a slight difficulty, but it is nothing that the Lord can't handle. It is really cold here right now. Church starts at 8:30 in the morning. Few people have warm cars to drive to the chapel in. You do the math. Members aren't even coming to church, so you can imagine how "easy" it is to get our investigators to come! However, those who truly have a desire to come unto Christ, will do what it takes to be in the house of the Lord on Sundays. So.....we are not giving up hope! 

We are working with a young girl named Tamires right now. She wants to be baptized, and had a date, but confessed to us the other day that she hasn't stopped drinking coffee. And......she doesn't want to stop. We are also teaching some other really special people. I have learned, however, that Satan never stops working. He will always be there, tempting our investigators after we leave the house. After inviting people to pray and ask about the truthfulness of the things we taught, a lot of people say, "Oh, I believe what you said". But, we always tell them how important it is for them to pray and ask for themselves. They need to have that conviction! And above all, they need to learn to trust in the Lord. They need to learn to build a relationship with the Lord. Why?  Us missionaries work for a large portion of the day, but we don't work for 24 hours of the day. The best thing we can do as missionaries is help others trust the Lord, not just us as missionaries. The Lord works 24 hours a day!!

I love you all! I am so grateful for all of your examples. I know I wouldn't be here today in Southern Brasil teaching the gospel if it weren't for all of your immovable testimonies! 
Sister Autumn Barnes
Part of my zone at zone conference. Yeah....we color coordinated....cuz we're cool like that. 
I LOOOVE the rain. (please note sarcasm)
With a couple investigators--Maria Alice, Malena, e Vitor. 
My new companion, Sister Machado! 

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