Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6th E-mail

Dearest Loved Ones,

Sister Barnes here! This week definitely had its ups and downs. 

Well, Geni's baptism didn't happen. It was all planned for last Saturday, but we visited her on Friday.....and guess who was drinking coffee? That was really disappointing. But, we are still working with her. Even better, the Lord is working with her as well. 

Things have been kinda tough lately. We have been working really hard.......and we are not seeing the fruits of our labor. It is really frustrating at times. I just want to shake sense into some people. However, everyone has their agency, and agency truly is one of the greatest gifts given to us from God. 

This week we had Zone Conference. We took a bus and a train to Canoas, which is pretty close to Porto Alegre. Wow, it was awesome! I learned so much from President Pavan, and from the other missionaries there. Sometimes during the week, I get discouraged and tired, but after going to District Meetings and Zone Meetings like this one, I get pumped to go out there and do my best! I was also able to see Sister Ferinho. Sister Ferinho was my roommate in the MTC...the roommate from Mozambique. I was so excited to see her! I was also excited because I can communicate with her much better now! 

Yesterday was a really good day. We taught a girl named Milene. Milene is living with her mom, who is living with a man who is a less-active member of the church. Milene is 17 years old and has two kids. Her husband/boyfriend was shot and killed a couple months ago. Milene is really special. She is really attentive while we teach. She accepts our commitments with a lot of determination. Sister Wegener and I were worried that the one thing that would hold Milene back is her mom and her mom's boyfriend. Her mom's boyfriend, like I said, is a member of the church. His name is Helder. He has a strong testimony, but doesn't go to church for a couple of reasons. He works on Sundays and he is a bit ashamed because he is living with this woman. However, yesterday while we were there, he told us that he decided he will close his business on Sundays now so he can come to church. SO.....he, his girlfriend, and Milene will be to church on Sunday. The Lord truly prepares people to receive the gospel. I will keep you updated on Milene. 

Well, time to go....but I love you all! This church is true! We are so blessed to be able to partake of the blessings this gospel brings into our lives!

Sister Autumn Barnes
A picture of me and my first package received in Brazil (from Mr. Ethan Mecham!!). Contained Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Made my life. I received it at Zone Conference. Unfortunately, it started raining really hard while we were on the bus coming home. We had forgotten our umbrellas, so we had to run home in the rain. I was soaked!!!!
A picture from my balcony one morning. :)

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