Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day E-mail

Dearest Familia, 
Feliz Natal! You don´t get an phone call from me today, but I get to email! However, since every missionary and their dog is on email right now, the computer keeps freezing up...and to add to that.....the computer I am on was switched into Spanish mode. I tried to switch it back to English, but it wasn´t even in the options! So if some of my typing is all messed up, you know why!
My Christmas has been different than any other Christmas I have experienced, but it has been good. Doesn´t feel much like Christmas, but they have tried to make it as special as possible. Yesterday started out just like every other Saturday, except for we didn´t have classtime in the evening. Instead, we all met together for a Christmas program. It consisted of some missionaries reading a narration while other missionaries acted out the Christmas story. It was actually pretty cheesy and gave us all a good laugh, but it was still really good. After the program, we watched a Christmas Carol. That is an interesting movie. Most missionaries got a kick out of a few special parts. Their favorite seemed to be the Ghost of Christmas Present.....a really big man with a very hairy chest.
The best part about Christmas however, was Sacrament Meeting. Guess who presided over it. Wow my question mark won't even work. Elder David A. Bednar!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that man is powerful! He carries a powerful spirit with him! A tangible one! He talked about how we´ll be the best missionaries when we turn out towards others instead of only thinking about ourselves and being the kind of missionary we want to be. It was great!
Well has taken me over 20 minutes to type this because it keeps on freezing, but I will type you more tomorrow! Tomorrow is my PDay. I love you all so much and hope you have had a great Christmas! Till tomorrow!
Sister Autumn Barnes

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